Monday, 16 February 2009

University of Zhejiang: Spiromesifen Derivatives (浙江大学/浙江大學)

With a only a few years of patent protection remaining on spiromesifen, an interesting patent from the University of Zhejiang looks at altering the ester functionality of spiromesifen with a dimethyl cyclopropyl unit commonly seen in pyrethroids. Compound 316 is one of the most potent compounds against Lepidoptera species illustrated therein.

Spiromesifen (Oberon/Forbid/Judo) is a spirocyclic compound discovered and developed by Bayer CropScience. Other similar compounds developed by Bayer include spirodiclofen (Envidor) and spirotetramat (Movento). Further derivatives from Bayer are also expected to be developed.

The relative ease of synthesis and major global market registrations already obtained for spiromesifen make it an attractive candidate for generic manufacturers.