Thursday, 11 December 2008

Isagro's IR6396

The difluoromethoxy-pyrazole herbicide illustrated below is thought to be a new PPO inhibitor in development at Isagro. The work on this area of chemistry by Isagro dates back to the mid 1990s. Last year herbicidal combinations of this compound were claimed with other established herbicides such as amidosulfuron, clomazone, pinoxaden, penoxsulam and picolinafen.

More recently emulsifiable concentrates were disclosed as the preferred formulation type of this compound. The herbicide is further disclosed as useful for the control of weeds such as Abutilon theofrasti, Alisma plantago, Amaranthus spp, Chenopodium album,
Ipomea spp, Sinapsis arvensis in crops such as rice, wheat, barely, maize and soybeans. It is thought this compound is undergoing development under the code name IR-6396. Isagro report that IR-6396 is to be launched after 2010.